11 Ideas for Wedding Photos, the Best Poses

If there is one thing that you can give up on your wedding day, it is to have a professional photographer who immortalizes every moment. We will never wear the same dress or a hairstyle that we have invested so much time in choosing. It is a unique and unrepeatable day (or so we hope) that deserves to have the best of memories with some wedding photos that convey everything that day meant.

Photos that capture spontaneous moments are usually the best. Those in which you have forgotten about the camera and you live in the moment alone. But there are not only photos of this type in a wedding report, as many photographers suggest doing an intimate session between the newlyweds apart from all the guests. Here come the problems! Do not keep a bad memory; get to have the best wedding photos with Aimal production.

Most of us are not used to the camera and we do not know how to act naturally when it comes to taking pictures. This is the reason why many couples prefer to try a pre-wedding session to lose their embarrassment. Trust the photographer’s advice; they have a lot of experience!

Another idea may be to have certain photos in mind that cannot be missed. At the moment you will improvise, but if you see that the session does not flow and you do not stop repeating the same pose, have an ace up your sleeve with these ideas!

1) The Movie Kiss

This one will surely come out on its own and you will have no problem. Is there anything more romantic than a kiss between newlyweds? In your album this classic may be missing in all its versions.

2) Lettering with your Hands, Love!

An original idea is to get together and with your hands form the word LOVE, we know that LOVE would be much more difficult. Here you can see two alternatives, painting the letters or not.

3) Heart in Hands

Along the same lines, you and your partner can form a heart with your hands. Simple and beautiful!

4) Up the Bride

Another typical photo, which may not occur to you, is that the groom holds the bride in his arms (or the other way around if you dare). Take the opportunity to put something fun on the sole of her shoes.

5) Backlit Photos

That bucolic image of a couple in loves is easy to achieve with a photo against the light in which only the silhouette of your bodies is appreciated. How about?

6) Lying Next to Each Other

If you want one more different photo for your report, you can lie down in the opposite direction and put your heads together. Look at the result!

7) While you Dance

Not sure what to do in front of the camera? Sing a song and dance. The photos have a lot of movement!

8) Framed Photos

With little props, it is much easier to interact in front of the photographer. Like for example, with a picture frame you can have photos like these.

9) Funny Photo with the Guests

Ask your guests to cover their eyes while you kiss. Couple photos like, but don’t miss the opportunity to take photos like this.

10) With the Bridesmaids and Friends of the Groom

When you have enough photos of you as a couple, invite the whole group of friends to join the session! It will be one of your favorite photos from the wedding.

11) Add Balloons to your Wedding

To give the wedding more charm, use the balloons in the situation you want. White, colored, heart-shaped.

Above all ideas mentioned will give you a romantic wedding touch on photography, if you also want to hire specialist for fashion photography services then are the Aimal Production is best option.