3 Tips for Office Renovation to Be Comfortable and Productive

The office is the workplace. Not only that, some of them who spend time in the office, for them is a place to devote themselves to the ability and potential for a career to earn a living. Those who work hard, the office is their own home. They sometimes spend all their time at their desks. The office is not only a place to get income but also as a place to do their hobby experiences and a place to socialize with colleagues.

Whatever your office functions, at least as an occupant, of course, the office atmosphere should be made as comfortable as possible. If the office atmosphere does not support the feeling at work, then it’s time to do renovations so that the office remains comfortable and makes you more productive.

Office renovation tips to make it comfortable

Some people who are involved in the same job, office as well as a place to receive clients from outside the office, so that traffic within the office should be made relatively difficult and the interior appearance is sought to look attractive and elegant.

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Give the Following Office Remodeling Tips to Be Comfortable and Productive.

1. Circulation and Layout

An office is a place back and forth for the employees. Occasional interactions occur between employees and superiors, with clients and colleagues from other offices. Do not forget also the presence of an office boy who is needed to maintain the cleanliness of the office and help serve the light consumption of employees.

Considering a large number of people milling around in the office, it should be noted that the flow of circulation is good to minimize the possibility of collisions between people, for example between two movements from one room to another.

Try not to make winding circulation currents. Besides making it difficult, there is a risk of collisions between employees, the room also looks cramped and ineffective. This method can also facilitate the placement of air conditioners.

2. Efficient Interior Design

Use furniture that makes it easy to store files, lay computer devices, printers, and telephones. There is some furniture that can be made multifunctional, for example, bookshelves or storage cabinets as well as room partitions. Partition height is adjusted to facilitate controlling and communication between employees. If you want to make the room more privacy and require high concentration, the partition can be connected to the glass a little higher.

Make a cable channel hidden in one of the sidewalls of the room with certain elements closed, so that no disturbing cables are visible above. Branching channels should not be too long and winding.

3. Unique Comfortable Attractive Display

Office space should not be crammed with tables, chairs, and checkered cabinets. This will cause the atmosphere to become rigid and monotonous.

An office that has attractiveness and comfort is the desire of all office workers. You can create this atmosphere by designing office equipment and other interior elements. Use furniture that is unique but still efficient, such as curved shapes on tables and chairs.

The addition of beautiful wall decorations such as paintings, photos with unique frames, flowers and colorful wallpapers can also make the view more interesting and not boring.

Lighting in the office is very important. If you do not benefit from the position of the room near the window so that it does not get enough sunlight, it can be overcome by painting the room light and putting the right lights.