How to Build A Solid and Effective Teamwork

Bad team collaboration will greatly hamper the business that you have built. Therefore you must focus on building a good team on it. To get corporate team activities, of course, it requires the synergy of each team in different divisions/departments to achieve the overall target. Also, at the individual level, collaboration is important as a forum to deepen interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. This also helps in recognize or interact with colleagues or with superiors.

Building cooperation in a solid and effective team is indeed a challenge. But it can be realized by several steps below:

1. Build Mutual Trust and Respect

As a team consisting of several people who have their thoughts and opinions, everyone must respect each other. Strong mutual trust and mutual respect will make it easier to work together.

2. As a Leader, You Must Facilitate Communication Between Team Members

Become the bridge will create an atmosphere of open and honest communication. Each team member has the right to express themselves in the form of thoughts, opinions until solutions that address the problems encountered by the group.

3. Instill an Attitude of Mutual Ownership / Sense of Belonging

Team members who have clear expectations and communication about the goals will be committed to individual actions and team actions. Mutual ownership will be better if team members spend time together to discuss developing norms or guidelines. Besides, team leaders should include team members in the decision-making process as a realization of solid teamwork.

4. Review Team Performance and Feedback

After completing teamwork, don’t forget to review the team’s performance expectations and goals. Don’t forget to ask for feedback from your teammates. This is necessary to measure whether the achievement of team performance is good enough. This can also become the tool to see what space to improve for the next project.

Give rewards (prizes) and incentives to motivate all team members to perform better in the future and as evidence of appreciation for cooperation. So that there will be no team member take something from behind you.

Cheating is not because there is the intention of the doer, but because of the opportunity. So you have to create an effective and efficient system to prevent and improve the performance of your team without them knowing. A good work culture is very influential for the development of your team’s character and the glory of your business.