3 Unique Places in Vietnam

Vietnam is a place with extraordinary natural beauty. Starting from the beauty under the sea to the mountains, Vietnam is the winner. Do you like the beach? Vietnam has a row of beaches that you may never explore. Do you like the mountains? Vietnam has a list of mountains waiting for you to climb.

Not only abundant with natural wealth, but Vietnam also has a very diverse culture. Each region has a unique culture that makes this country as colorful as rainbow. If you are looking for a complete place to stay in Vietnam, the Da Nang family is the answer. You don’t need to worry about accommodation stay, Family Hotel Danang Premier Village Resort is the perfect choice.

Here there are some tourist attractions for travelers. The following is the 3 best places in Vietnam to visit:

1. Lok Loi

Vietnam is a region with many interesting fashion. For you who love fashion, you must visit Lok Loi. In this place, you can enjoy serving leather-based clothing. This interesting shopping place in Vietnam offered real animal skin from reptile.

Animal skin is not only used to make shirts or clothes, but it also can be used for purses, bags, belts, and many more accessories. This tourist attraction is the center for shop souvenirs.

2. Hang Bac Temple

This place suits you who loves to enjoy building tourism and worship.

These temples are dominated by bright colors. This temple can bring peace to the heart and soul.

3. Hoan Kim Lake

This is a lake in the city of Hanoi. This place does have a lot of history in it. You can take a walk around and learn about the beautiful nature. Not only Vietnamese tourists, but foreign tourists said they’re enjoying this region.

To enter this place you don’t have to pay anything. Moreover, you can take interesting photos and videos.

In this place, there is a legend about a king named Le Loi. It is said that, when the king, Le Loi left Vietnam, China comes to attack. A magical sword was then able to send China back to its place.

There are so many interesting and impressive spots in Vietnam. Everything wrapped with natural beauty. As a tourist, don’t forget to bring a camera, so that every moment can be well captured. Well, when will you visit this country then?