Moco Museum: Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

How can anyone ever get bored in a city like Amsterdam when there’s such museums as Moco museum? A modern and contemporary art museum located in a townhouse that looks out over Museumplein. What’s not to love? Visit Moco museum in the heart of Amsterdam to see artworks by proven artists with a unique vision. Moco museum is proof that, though not everyone might be a huge fan of modern art, everyone can definitely still find an artwork or artist they like in the world of modern art. Visit Moco museum when you’re in Amsterdam and, who knows, you might just find your new favourite artist!

The best place to see street art in Amsterdam

Who doesn’t love some good old street art? When looking to see some inspiring street art Amsterdam, definitely try visiting Moco museum. Artists like Banksy and Tracey Emin will absolutely blow you away with their interesting and thought provoking pieces. Whether you like to be challenged by art, you just want to laugh and be entertained or you want to see your opinions reflected back at you, Moco museum has something for everyone. Have fun, relax, allow yourself to be submerged by the art at Amsterdam’s finest modern art museum.

Museum: A Virtual Tour

Get even more out of your Moco museum experience by going on a virtual tour of the museum. No, this does not mean watching the art on your laptop screen from your couch, it means you can visit Moco museum and see fun, digital extras just by pointing your phone’s camera at the artworks. Make the absolute best of your visit to Moco museum by doing the virtual tour. Exclusive and interesting additions to artworks that were already so mind blowing, all on your very own phone! Whether you are a Moco museum regular, or a first time visitor, the virtual tour will make your experience unforgettable.

Live a truly Moco life

Moco is not just a museum, it is an incomparable and unforgettable experience that you can enjoy in your daily life as well. For example, you could enjoy your daily cup of coffee in a reusable Moco coffee cup. Carry your groceries in a Moco tote bag, send someone a Moco postcard or hang a Moco art print in your kitchen. You can visit the official Moco website to shop in the webshop, read Moco stories and even become a Moco member! Being a Moco member is free and you get a whole bunch of awesome memberships! What are you waiting for? Go visit the Moco website!