Visiting Yangon Myanmar with Family

Now, Yangon is one of the best cities in Myanmar that offers a modern urban lifestyle and natural beauty. So, for anyone who loves travel, you will be able to get entertainment that benefits all family members. Hotel In Yangon accommodations are suitable for family holidays. If you and your family visit Yangon, you can stay at the Mercure Yangon Kaba Aye.

Many destinations offered, ranging from colorful amusement parks, unique museums, and restaurants to fun attractions. Lett’s explore some of the best family activities that will surely entertain you and your little one!

These are some attractions in Yangon that you must visit:

Sule Pagoda

Like Thailand, which has many temples or shrines as world tourist attractions to explore, Myanmar has many pagodas, symbols of Buddhism that are highly respected by their people.

This tourist spot is also the tourist landmark in Yangon. This Yangon city landmark located in the cross of Sule Pagoda Road and Maha Bandoola Road. Inside, you will feel three cultural atmospheres at once, because there is a mosque and church right in front of Sule Pagoda.

This area is friendly for backpackers. In this area, some shops are suit backpackers’ budget. The price of admission for foreign tourists is only USD 3 or 3000 Kyats.

Sule Pagoda has a height that reaches 46 meters. Sule Pagoda Temple is 2,500 years old and was built during the British colonial government in Yangon. So, no need to be surprised if you can see tall buildings with English-style architecture.

The uniqueness of Sule Pagoda is on the shape, it has stupa with octagonal shape. The octagonal stupa is surrounded by 4 pyatthat, a typical Burmese terraced roof structure. Meanwhile, around the Stupa, there are modern shophouses that function as business places. So, you can buy souvenirs around this place.

Maha Bandoola Park

Maha Bandoola Park is a tourist attraction in Yangon in the form of parks. This park is also a favorite tourist spot for local and foreign tourists, especially backpackers who do not want to spend too much money to enter expensive tourist attractions.

In this area, you can relax, meet with residents and see the views of Sule Pagoda without having to buy tickets to enter it.

In this park, not only the top of the Sule Pagoda can be seen and become the object of photography, but there are also Myanmar independence monuments, the old City Hall building, and the High Court. Both are an old building that has special characteristics that make the heart of Yangon look attractive but classic at the same time.

If you are interested in relaxing in this park area, we recommend you to come before six o’clock in the afternoon. Although it’s free, the park is not open 24 hours for residents around. This park will close at 6 o’clock local time and there will be security officers who go around guarding the park from people who are not responsible.